melodic death metal


Thank you, Schaul!

Folks, we have news for you. Schaul has decided to part ways with the band.
Here‘s what he wants to tell you:

Dear SG fan community,

I hereby announce with a heavy heart that in the future I will no longer stand behind the microphone for SG for personal reasons.

This was a difficult decision that I have struggled with for some time already.

The production for the new album is going well and I am sure that Chris, Phil, Marc and Ben will find a worthy replacement who will take the band to the next level.

I am grateful for the past 7 years in which I have been able to fulfill a lot of dreams, such as performing with bands like Amon Amarth or performing at international festivals like Metaldays.

In any case, I would like to thank all SG members who have played in the band during this time, Max, Manu, Jim, Jeff, Ben, Marc, Chris and Phil, for this incredible journey.

Look forward to the new album and continue to support SG as you have done so far!

We will definitely see each other again at one or the other concert, festival or anywhere else.



We wish him all the best for all the future endeavors he will encounter. We thank him for all that he provided to the band during the past seven years.

📸 Kabo Photografix

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