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Female Voice Metal Fest

Just a quick reminder that we are going to hit the stage on 21.04. at Kasino Kornmarkt in Trier with Pentastone and The Tex Avery Syndrome!

Grab your tickets here: ➡


Female Voice Metal Fest: An evening with exclusively female vocals!

We are vhappy to be part of the first Female Voice Metal Fest in Trier.
From tender to hard, from fragile to brutal, the three frontwomen will offer the whole range of emotions on this evening and enchant the Kasino am Kornmarkt in their very own way.

PENTASTONE from Darmstadt are often compared with the mighty JINJER and don’t need to shy away from this comparison. They play Alternative Metal and transport a lot of femininity with their music with their mixture of Metal, Alternative and Rock, especially through the variable voice of their singer Louisa. Femininity not as a subject, but as a means of contrast, which works through themes such as anger, grief, agony and death. PENTASTONE will captivate the casino with their magic right from the start. So early attendance is mandatory!

SLEEPERS’ GUILT from Luxembourg are a known quantity. With their Progressive Melodic Death Metal they have already rocked big stages like the one at Metal Days. The combo, often reminiscent of LAMB OF GOD, brings sweat to your forehead with their fast, melodic sound and the catchy songs, which are performed by singer Sanya with a brutal voice, leave no one cold.

Headliner of the first “Female Voice Metal Fest” will be THE TEX AVERY SYNDROME from Frankfurt am Main. They play Modern Metal and have already been on tour with well-known giants of the scene, such as JINJER. And also as headliners they exude pure dominance with their cracking, furious and driving mix of metal, hardcore, beatdown and deathcore. Singer Laura will tear the casino to pieces with her brute voice and bring violence and destruction over Trier!

Be there or be dead! Get your tickets today at the VVK!

Tickets are available at Ticket Regional and Eventim.


Another show announced

Lo and behold! The meatiest event of the season will take place at Mix N’ Kawa – MK Bar belval on november 5th. We will worship the almighty sausage along with with our buddies from Mindpatrol and Incordia – Official.


New show announced (02/11/2022)

We are thrilled to not only announce a new show but also by the fact that we are sharing the stage with our buddies from Mindpatrol as well as Altesia from France. (Seriously, check their stuff out, if you haven’t already)

The show will take place on 02/11 at the Rock Box. If you want to blow off some steam on a Wednesday evening, this is your chance!



“What Remained” is now available on several streaming services 🎉


Thank you!

Holy moly, what a night! You guys were amazing at our release show, thank you for making this a very special evening.

Many thanks to the Rockhal and Rocklab Team, Pleasing, Kim Conrardy from U-Matic, our amazing merch ladies, and most of all YOU!

📸 Elena A. Photography


Release Show!

Ok guys, we’re going to bust your balls one last time – but only because we think it’s really worth it:
Next Friday at the Rockhal, Pleasing, us, and What Remained from start to finish.


Facebook event


Many thanks to our awesome Pyre team

We want to thank everyone who worked on the video for “Pyre”!

  • Marcel Dostert from Visual Aberration for the production and direction of the video.
  • Chris Mannert for the pyro technics and Micha Mangiafuoco for the fire performances.
  • Shoutouts go to Isabelle Kiens and Natalia Slioutova.
  • Elena Arens from Elena A. Photography for the pictures.
  • Again, Kudos to Lea Numberger-Thuy & Ralph Gengler for the construction of the machine. (Sorry for the damage)
  • Many thanks to the Wacken Foundation for their support!
  • Lastly, thanks to all the backers of our Kickstarter project, without whom the realization would not have been possible!

In case you missed the video or want to watch it again, follow this link!


Lead me to the “Pyre”

The premiere for the “Pyre” video will start in 30 minutes! Get yourself a drink, make yourself comfortable and we’ll see you very soon.


Proudly sponsored by Wacken Foundation

A very big thank you goes out to Wacken Foundation, who actively supported us and our album production.
Check out how this great foundation supports metal bands from all over the world!


Book’s done

It comes with great pleasure that I’m finally able to tell you that my first ever book, “The Tides of Fate – An Exordia Novella” is, after some extra rounds of editing as well as some unexpected twists and turns, published. Take a look at the finished product:

The blurb for the story that inspired the last three songs on our upcoming album “What Remained” goes something like this:

The domed city of Exordia has existed for over a thousand years, being home and shelter to the last survivors of humanity in an otherwise uninhabitable world.

Josten is desperate. After losing his son Lero, who was banished from the city as punishment for a crime, and his wife Sofia for following a perilous hidden agenda, he made his choice. Clinging to the last vestige of hope that Lero might have survived in the Outside World, he decides to make his last stand…

Suppose you consider yourself someone interested in reading post-apocalyptic fiction, and this blurb sparked your interest. In that case, you can find the paperback version and the ebook format of it on Amazon.


The paperback will also be available at our merch booth on our release show for the album on June 3rd at Rockhal Luxembourg.

In the case, you’ll read it, feel free to leave a rating or even a review on Amazon and/ or Goodreads. Even if it is only one sentence, it will help an aspiring writer a great deal.




Check out the teaser for our new video for the second single “Pyre” from our upcoming album “What Remained”. Premiere will be on May 26th at 18:00 (GMT+2).


Book announcement

As I mentioned in a post some time ago, our upcoming album “What Remained” slowly progressed into the thematic realm of versions of pessimistic future visions and there was not a proper plan from the start. That’s still true, but I left something out.

Hear me out.

At some point, there was in fact a plan: 

On our previous album “Kilesa”, the last three songs formed a trilogy, still, to this day, one of our creations we are most proud of. During the songwriting process of the new album, the idea occurred to write a new trilogy with over-lengthy, progressive songs. At some point, there was the vision of enhancing the musical vision by an accompanying story. 

The idea came from, well, yours truly. I felt the itch to write a story to inspire the music, a way we hadn’t tried until then.

And so I did. I brought something to the page, and, being the greenhorn I was (and still am), it was… well, let’s just say it was not worth mentioning. In fact, it was nothing but a pile of first draft vomit. At least in my book. (pun intended)

However, it served its purpose, and it inspired the songwriting unexpectedly, resulting in three massive songs of which we are really, really proud of.

As we were planning the release of the album some time ago, Philip came up with the idea to make the initial story I’ve written accessible for those interested. After all, it was a part of the creation process. Well, I vehemently refused at first. But the longer I thought about it, the more the idea had something charming, something challenging.

I agreed on Philip’s idea, but only unless I would rewrite the whole damn thing to the best of my capabilities. So, I sat back in the chair and wrote, trying to keep its core idea intact.

With the certainty that there’s at least the possibility that someone would read it, I gave a little more effort this time. After finishing the new draft, I sent it to my sister Carole Winchester and my brother-in-law Stu Winchester, waiting “patiently”, biting off my fingernails. Contrary to all expectations, their feedback was quite positive. They offered me their help in regards to further edits (I can’t thank them enough for it!) and now we’re almost there, being in the final rounds of copy editing.

Copy editing? Yes! Thanks to their tireless and patient support, I took the decision to take the plunge and self-publish the story.

The book will be called “The Tides of Fate” (same as the opening song of the trilogy) and will contain somewhat +/- 20000 words and thus could be considered a novella.

It will be available on amazon in ebook format as well as there will be a printed edition.

Before I go, I have to mention my sister Carole one more time, as she is currently completing the cover artwork, but more on that in a later post.   

Until further notice


P.S. sorry for not nailing the accurate writer poses


We’re in good company

The release of our new album “What Remained” is approaching rather fast. As we’re planning to make the release show a special event, we decided to do a thing. (There are other things, but let’s just shed some light on this particular thing for now)

As some of the new songs on the record are heavily instrumented with percussion and we don’t want to rely fully on samples in the live situation, we asked our pals from the band Pleasing -who will be the support band on that evening-  to help us out in terms of making sounds on a pretty unusual percussion kit.

First rehearsal was great. Their percussion performance adds a whole new dimension to the songs, giving them more depth and a layer of primal roughness.

If you want to attend this very unique show on June 3rd, be sure to grab your ticket here.*2mqs41*_ga*MTYwNTM0Nzk0My4xNjUwODc1MjY2*_ga_0VEB3SQ6S6*MTY1MDg3NTI2NS4xLjAuMTY1MDg3NTI2OC42MA..#!/addtickets


06 & 07 May: A Chance For Metal Festival

Peops, we’ll finally be able to hit the stage again alongside many other awesome bands at @achanceformetalfestival. Don’t miss this amazing festival in Andernach on May 6th, we missed you!


Video release: Posthuman

The official Posthuman video is out!

We want to give out some very special thanks to everyone who worked on this project:

Marcel Dostert from Visual Aberration for the production and direction of the video, as well as the video mapping.

The 1535 Creative Hub, where the video was filmed.

Patrick Miranda from Pleasing for his great assistance.

Elena Arens from Elena A. Photography for the pictures.

Lea Numberger-Thuy & Ralph Gengler for the construction of the machine.

The backers of our ongoing Kickstarter campaign, without whom the realisation would not have been possible!


What remained: Doping for ears

Those who have already visited our Kickstarter project or even supported it (THANKS to you peops!) might already know this little skit.

All others can see the full video on our Kickstarter page.

Listen to the doc, What Remained is good for you!


On the lyrical themes of the upcoming album ‘What Remained’

As you may already know, our upcoming album “What Remained” is not a concept album per se. Most songs, however, share a common theme. Our possible -or should I say- our probable bleak future.

We did not plan this theme for the entire album from the beginning. It somehow developed in that direction over time. Maybe our minds, like the minds of many, are troubled today more than ever with the outcome of our actions in a more or less distant future. Each song deals with a different perspective on the vast topic of our collective future, the ones being more vague, leaving a lot of room for interpretation, the others being more specific, their message directly palpable. 

We are aware that we won’t in any way reinvent the wheel by theming an album with dystopian and even post-apocalyptic themes. It’s merely our statement that we -as human beings- are concerned about the ongoings in a world that echoes slowly but surely in the global events, that we have to rethink our ways and if we want to stay here for longer, we have to tread new paths and search for new solutions. 

An admittedly dark-themed album like this is only the result of too much musings on such distressing topics.

Giving nothing further away for now, for those who are interested to know more about the lyrical aspect of the album, you’ll have the possibility of diving into the lyrics once the release.




Add ons & shipping costs: 2nd Kickstarter update

We would like to bring a few points to your attention:

1. Add ons

We have lots of add-ons! Unfortunately, Kickstarter only shows them in the second step of the backing process. You will need to select a package first before seeing the add-ons. Don’t worry, here you can see all the add-ons that are available.

Add ons

2. shipping costs

Shipping costs could be counted twice for some items. For example, if you choose to take a package and like to add an add-on, Kickstarter will ask you to pay the shipping costs for each item separately. We will reimburse the additional shipping costs, and you only have to pay them ONCE.

3. additional questions

If you have any additional questions, feel free to use the FAQ!



Thank you! 1st Kickstarter Update

Thank you all for supporting our project so far! We have already hit 50% of our goal. You guys are awesome!

As a reward, we show you some insights from our recording sessions. Here you can see how we tracked the gang shouts with our patented Sound Enhancing Head Resonators, or short S.E.H.R. , that really enhance any vocal recording! At the same time, it keeps bad vibes away!

Check out our Kickstarter project, where you will find more exclusive updates in the future!


Kickstarter campaign for ‘What Remained’ album launched

From now on you can support us by preordering our upcoming album “What Remained” via our Kickstarter campaign.

Alongside the album, you can also buy loads of merch goodies in various packages.

If you want to support us, there’s no better way to do so then by co-funding the whole project. It would mean a lot to us.

Fur further information, click here.


What remained: release date and show

We’re stoked to finally announce that our upcoming album “What remained” will be released on June 3rd. To celebrate the release, we will play a special release show at Rockhal in Belval (L). With “What remained“ we will release our second full-length studio album.

Without being a concept album, “What remained” explores the end of humanity and takes the audience to a musical journey into the tides of fate. In a dystopic world, humanity is on the verge of extinction, machines have taken over. But is it really the machines, or rather those who control them? And is there a life outside the dystopian illusions, in solitude, amidst an exhausted, dismissive nature?

For this special release show we’ll be supported by our friends from Pleasing who will take you on a journey into the depths of human emotions and the human mind.

Do not miss this out-of-the-ordinary release show! Buy your tickets here.

Many thanks to the Rocklab and the Rockhal team for making this possible!


Our past year in brief and welcome Sany

The last year has been a tough one for most of us. Everyone of us had and will have to deal with the ramifications of the pandemic in their own ways. And we’re all waiting to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. In the following post I want to shed some light on the ongoings in the band during the past year. Although one could deem we had been inactive for the last thirteen months, we had been more productive than one might think (there actually had been phases of inertia, though).

Let’s start by going back to april 2020, when the first in a series of events occurred: our long time vocalist Schaul decided to leave the band. Luxembourg was in its first lockdown, the band put to a forced break. We had some line up changes in the past but, to be honest, it just doesn’t get easier by time. There was no bad blood involved and still every one of us is on good terms with Schaul. We had to figure out what to do. We knew it would be hard to find a new vocalist, but knowing that the band was put on hold and there wouldn’t be concerts for an unknown period of time, we decided to take our time with the search for a new voice.

Besides the task of finding a new vocalist, we had a fully recorded pre-production of our upcoming album. During that time, the definite recording had been on our schedule…and had to be rescheduled several times.

Fast forward to fall 2020. We somehow managed to record the whole thing and even a bunch more songs. Only thing missing were still the vocals. It had been around that time period, when someone contacted us, asking if we were still looking for a vocalist. We were. She goes by the name Sany. After a few zoom meetings and some file sharing of vocal ideas for the songs, we knew that we wanted to work with her. Things just wouldn’t get easier as she lives a two and a half hour drive away from us in Germany and the pandemic was still a thing. So we had to keep waiting for the opportunity to work together, presumably gathered in one physical space. We had to endure a couple more months before this could happen.

Skipping over an uneventful winter, in march 2021 we finally got to meet each other in person with Sany and we took a whole weekend for rehearsing and getting to know each other better. The chemistry was there, we felt like a complete band again the first time in ages. The energy was there and playing together felt so right.

It was the last weekend (17th april), when Sany recorded the vocals for the first four songs of our upcoming album and I can tell you, it feels good to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel after all, knowing that we’re wrapping up the album production sooner rather than later. Nonetheless, we still have no release date for the album. As we want to do a proper release show and not some half-assed online release, we still have to wait a little longer to pick up a date.

To sum things up, it was not the easiest year for us. But, with Sany on the mic, tons of new music we can’t wait to get out there, we’re finally feeling a sense of progress, like we’re back on track again. And for everyone out there who might have asked the question. Yes, we’re still here and pretty much alive 🙂



New Vocalist wanted!

First of all we wanna thank you for all the uplifting comments towards both sides regarding Schaul‘s departure from the band! It reflects our very own attitude towards the situatioun as there are no hard feelings at all!
We never stuck our heads in the sand and we are more than ready to record some of the best material we ever wrote.

We hereby launch the search for our new vocalist.

Contact us at