melodic death metal


Female Voice Metal Fest: An evening with exclusively female vocals!

We are vhappy to be part of the first Female Voice Metal Fest in Trier.
From tender to hard, from fragile to brutal, the three frontwomen will offer the whole range of emotions on this evening and enchant the Kasino am Kornmarkt in their very own way.

PENTASTONE from Darmstadt are often compared with the mighty JINJER and don’t need to shy away from this comparison. They play Alternative Metal and transport a lot of femininity with their music with their mixture of Metal, Alternative and Rock, especially through the variable voice of their singer Louisa. Femininity not as a subject, but as a means of contrast, which works through themes such as anger, grief, agony and death. PENTASTONE will captivate the casino with their magic right from the start. So early attendance is mandatory!

SLEEPERS’ GUILT from Luxembourg are a known quantity. With their Progressive Melodic Death Metal they have already rocked big stages like the one at Metal Days. The combo, often reminiscent of LAMB OF GOD, brings sweat to your forehead with their fast, melodic sound and the catchy songs, which are performed by singer Sanya with a brutal voice, leave no one cold.

Headliner of the first “Female Voice Metal Fest” will be THE TEX AVERY SYNDROME from Frankfurt am Main. They play Modern Metal and have already been on tour with well-known giants of the scene, such as JINJER. And also as headliners they exude pure dominance with their cracking, furious and driving mix of metal, hardcore, beatdown and deathcore. Singer Laura will tear the casino to pieces with her brute voice and bring violence and destruction over Trier!

Be there or be dead! Get your tickets today at the VVK!

Tickets are available at Ticket Regional and Eventim.

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