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Another show announced

Lo and behold! The meatiest event of the season will take place at Mix N’ Kawa – MK Bar belval on november 5th. We will worship the almighty sausage along with with our buddies from Mindpatrol and Incordia – Official.


New show announced (02/11/2022)

We are thrilled to not only announce a new show but also by the fact that we are sharing the stage with our buddies from Mindpatrol as well as Altesia from France. (Seriously, check their stuff out, if you haven’t already)

The show will take place on 02/11 at the Rock Box. If you want to blow off some steam on a Wednesday evening, this is your chance!



“What Remained” is now available on several streaming services 🎉


Thank you!

Holy moly, what a night! You guys were amazing at our release show, thank you for making this a very special evening.

Many thanks to the Rockhal and Rocklab Team, Pleasing, Kim Conrardy from U-Matic, our amazing merch ladies, and most of all YOU!

📸 Elena A. Photography


Release Show!

Ok guys, we’re going to bust your balls one last time – but only because we think it’s really worth it:
Next Friday at the Rockhal, Pleasing, us, and What Remained from start to finish.


Facebook event


Many thanks to our awesome Pyre team

We want to thank everyone who worked on the video for “Pyre”!

  • Marcel Dostert from Visual Aberration for the production and direction of the video.
  • Chris Mannert for the pyro technics and Micha Mangiafuoco for the fire performances.
  • Shoutouts go to Isabelle Kiens and Natalia Slioutova.
  • Elena Arens from Elena A. Photography for the pictures.
  • Again, Kudos to Lea Numberger-Thuy & Ralph Gengler for the construction of the machine. (Sorry for the damage)
  • Many thanks to the Wacken Foundation for their support!
  • Lastly, thanks to all the backers of our Kickstarter project, without whom the realization would not have been possible!

In case you missed the video or want to watch it again, follow this link!


Lead me to the “Pyre”

The premiere for the “Pyre” video will start in 30 minutes! Get yourself a drink, make yourself comfortable and we’ll see you very soon.


Proudly sponsored by Wacken Foundation

A very big thank you goes out to Wacken Foundation, who actively supported us and our album production.
Check out how this great foundation supports metal bands from all over the world!


Book’s done

It comes with great pleasure that I’m finally able to tell you that my first ever book, “The Tides of Fate – An Exordia Novella” is, after some extra rounds of editing as well as some unexpected twists and turns, published. Take a look at the finished product:

The blurb for the story that inspired the last three songs on our upcoming album “What Remained” goes something like this:

The domed city of Exordia has existed for over a thousand years, being home and shelter to the last survivors of humanity in an otherwise uninhabitable world.

Josten is desperate. After losing his son Lero, who was banished from the city as punishment for a crime, and his wife Sofia for following a perilous hidden agenda, he made his choice. Clinging to the last vestige of hope that Lero might have survived in the Outside World, he decides to make his last stand…

Suppose you consider yourself someone interested in reading post-apocalyptic fiction, and this blurb sparked your interest. In that case, you can find the paperback version and the ebook format of it on Amazon.


The paperback will also be available at our merch booth on our release show for the album on June 3rd at Rockhal Luxembourg.

In the case, you’ll read it, feel free to leave a rating or even a review on Amazon and/ or Goodreads. Even if it is only one sentence, it will help an aspiring writer a great deal.




Check out the teaser for our new video for the second single “Pyre” from our upcoming album “What Remained”. Premiere will be on May 26th at 18:00 (GMT+2).