melodic death metal


Our past year in brief and welcome Sany

The last year has been a tough one for most of us. Everyone of us had and will have to deal with the ramifications of the pandemic in their own ways. And we’re all waiting to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. In the following post I want to shed some light on the ongoings in the band during the past year. Although one could deem we had been inactive for the last thirteen months, we had been more productive than one might think (there actually had been phases of inertia, though).

Let’s start by going back to april 2020, when the first in a series of events occurred: our long time vocalist Schaul decided to leave the band. Luxembourg was in its first lockdown, the band put to a forced break. We had some line up changes in the past but, to be honest, it just doesn’t get easier by time. There was no bad blood involved and still every one of us is on good terms with Schaul. We had to figure out what to do. We knew it would be hard to find a new vocalist, but knowing that the band was put on hold and there wouldn’t be concerts for an unknown period of time, we decided to take our time with the search for a new voice.

Besides the task of finding a new vocalist, we had a fully recorded pre-production of our upcoming album. During that time, the definite recording had been on our schedule…and had to be rescheduled several times.

Fast forward to fall 2020. We somehow managed to record the whole thing and even a bunch more songs. Only thing missing were still the vocals. It had been around that time period, when someone contacted us, asking if we were still looking for a vocalist. We were. She goes by the name Sany. After a few zoom meetings and some file sharing of vocal ideas for the songs, we knew that we wanted to work with her. Things just wouldn’t get easier as she lives a two and a half hour drive away from us in Germany and the pandemic was still a thing. So we had to keep waiting for the opportunity to work together, presumably gathered in one physical space. We had to endure a couple more months before this could happen.

Skipping over an uneventful winter, in march 2021 we finally got to meet each other in person with Sany and we took a whole weekend for rehearsing and getting to know each other better. The chemistry was there, we felt like a complete band again the first time in ages. The energy was there and playing together felt so right.

It was the last weekend (17th april), when Sany recorded the vocals for the first four songs of our upcoming album and I can tell you, it feels good to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel after all, knowing that we’re wrapping up the album production sooner rather than later. Nonetheless, we still have no release date for the album. As we want to do a proper release show and not some half-assed online release, we still have to wait a little longer to pick up a date.

To sum things up, it was not the easiest year for us. But, with Sany on the mic, tons of new music we can’t wait to get out there, we’re finally feeling a sense of progress, like we’re back on track again. And for everyone out there who might have asked the question. Yes, we’re still here and pretty much alive 🙂


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