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The end is near!

Hi everyone,we are getting close to the final stages :). All has to be organised now and we are working hard to make this release a very special one.

We are preparing to get everything produced and this means that the zip hoodies will not be available till the end.

So last chance to get this exclusive Item here at pledgemusic!

We are also near the end of mixing the album, only two songs remain 🙂

Can’t wait to give you the opportunity to listen to the album and to hear what you think of it.

a very heavy metal weekend to all of you

see you on the road (check our live calendar for a concert near you)

Happy New Year!

ÂĄHola muchachos!

Happy new year and lots of love to all of you!

As we’re getting closer to the album release date and show, we have to reveal this great new bandpic! Leave us a comment if you like it!



You can still get the album early by pledging on our PledgeMusic campaign! Digital release date is on January 27th!



Here’s a list of the first three shows in 2016! At Rocas and Plectrum Bar we’ll play old school sets with songs from the first two EPs AND a brand new, never played before song from the Kilesa album!

Noémie Leer, the guest-vocalist from our Kilesa album, will join us for a few shows this year!

Find the complete list here!


Ruhrpott Release Party

Du kommst aus’m Pott und bist scharf auf eine geballte Ladung Metal mit Sleepers’ Guilt, und Tombstone?


Am 5.MĂ€rz stellen wir im Crowded House in Oberhausen unser neues Doppelalbum Kilesa vor, unterstĂŒtzt von den werten Kollegen von und Tombstone.

Wer dabei sein will, schaut am besten hier einmal vorbei!


The Sleepies

Pre sale tickets at the Hate Night

Hey peops,

we’ll have an exclusive pre sale of our tickets for the Kilesa Release Show on February 27th at this weekend’s HATE NIGHT! Don’t miss this great festival with 8 amazing bands, have a beer at Sleepers’ Bar and get your tickets for our release show!

Mixes of the upcoming album are coming in. We can’t wait to share this record with you!


New Show: Braincore

We’ve “won” a voting and will be part of this year’s Braincore festival at MJ Le Prisme in Braine-l’Alleud (B) on March 26th! 

5€, 7 bands and a hell lot of fun!

Thank you so much for your many many votes!

New Show: Kilesa Ruhrpott Release Party

Besides our release show in Luxembourg with our mates from Heaven’s Scum and Infact, there will be an exclusive release party in Germany!

On March 5th we’ll present “Kilesa” at Crowded House in Oberhausen, supported by our friends from Tombstone and HateDotCom!

Monster Metal Festival Gronau

We’re really proud to announce that we’ll play at this year’s Monster Metal Festival in Gronau (D) on 30th January!

It’s an honor to share the stage with bands like, among others, Deadlock and Izegrim and we’ll make sure to rock this great indoor festival.

So don’t miss this great event and support the bands!

Monster Metal Festival

Re-Recording Dancing all alone

We re-recorded Dancing all alone, a “classic” from our first EP with Schaul’s heavy growls.
Wanna hear it? Great! All you need to do is to click here and follow the instructions 🙂

Hoodie Designs

Here’s a preview of our brand new CO2 neutral, EARTH POSITIVE, 100% organic cotton and Fair Trade zip hoodies! 

Buy them in our wonderful Pledgemusic Shop! Thank you!


Thank you!

Our Pledgemusic campaign has reached 80%! Thank you so much and don’t miss our exclusive updates 🙂


Here’s the link to our Pledgemusic campaing

Thank you for your support

27.02.2016 Kilesa Album Release Show

YES! Our “beast” will be unleashed on 27th February at the legendary Kulturfabrik!

Our friends from Heaven’s Scum and Infact will join us on stage on that very special night.

find all important info on this flyer!

flyer front (rpg)

Pledge for Sleepers’ Guilt

The recording for our upcoming double album is done! Hooray! This record with over 80 minutes playtime will be called Kilesa and will be released in February.

And NOW we need YOU! During the next 120 days you get the chance to help us finance this big project by pledging for us!

What does this mean? Well, PledgeMusic allows you to support our band by pre-ordering our album or one of the great packages like shirts, zip-hoodies, guitar and drum lessons and much more. You’ll get the record as a download one month earlier than anyone else does plus exclusive instrumental tracks.

Thank you so much for your help! Let’s make this happen!

Pledge for Sleepers’ Guilt NOW

Shows to come!

hi folks,
Don’t forget to check our live calendar on a regular basis, new shows are coming in!

On 15th May, just the night before rocking the infamous MetalFestival Kopstal, we have a fabulous show at the Exhaus in Trier (D) with our mates from encypher

Find all details for this event right here!


Here we go for a new show: 14.3. in Gronau (D)

Yep. Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. We’ve got a nice new show coming in right for you guys from Gronau Rock City (D) and surroundings!

On 14th March we gonna come to your town and metal up your asses! Did that just sound rather gay? Oh yes, it did my friends! Be ready for the SG-Crew invading the Jugendzentrum STOP in Gronau!

A part of the admission fee will be donated to the Jugendzentrum STOP for their youth work. Free your soul from your sins and support their great cause!

Guess who’s back?

Only 10 days to go till the absolutely fabulous Infact release show at Kulturfabrik, Esch/Alzette!

And noooow guess who’s back on stage with us?

Manu by Claude KayserPicture by Claude Kayser

Yep, the man, the machine, the legend… Ready to make your faces melt on 30th January at Kulturfabrik. Don’t miss this! Welcome back Manulli!

Chris T. Ian and The Hobbit OST in LĂ«tzebuerger Journal

Guys, have you heard the news? Our very own Mr.Ian gave an interview to LĂ«tzebuerger Journal about his work on the THE HOBBIT: SWEDOLATION OF SMAUG soundtrack he composed. That rocks!

Read the whole interview right here!

By the way, you can still download his soundtrack from Bandcamp!

I see fire!

Howdy peops,


yesterday we told you, that we contributed a song to our very own Chris T. Ian’s soundtrack for the upcoming “The Hobbit: the swedolation of Smaug” movie by Barrel Rider Pictures.

Now guess what, here’s the brand new video to our “I see fire” cover, including very exclusive and new scenes from the actual movie!


We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Sleepers’ Guilt on Movie Soundtrack!

Folks, we contributed an instrumental cover song on Chris’ soundtrack for the upcoming “The Hobbit-The Swedolation of Smaug” movie. There will be a video with more unreleased pictures on set!

Bye Manu!

With aching hearts and a huge bag of great memories we’ve got to say good bye to our beloved friend and guitarist Manu who has left the band this weekend.
Thank you for all the rock’n’roll, the great fun we had and the melodies you played.
It’s been an honor to share the stage with you.

Schaul, Chris, Phil, Max

Metal Hammer!

Yes! We are in the new edition (08/2014) of the german Metal Hammer!

You’ll find us as “Helden von morgen” in the Demozone.

Metal Hammer

Go and grab it! (And don’t be scared by the assholes on the frontcover)


NEW SHOW: 28.06.2014 No Man’s Land (Volmerange-les-mines, FR)

NEW SHOW: 28.06.2014 No Man's Land (Volmerange-les-mines, FR)

Have you heard the news? We’ll play a nice and cosy show at NO MAN’S LAND in Volmerange-les-mines on 28th June!
Join the party!

Btw: don’t forget to check our LIVE section to find a list of all our shows!

Next show: 31.05.2014 No man’s land (F)

Don’t miss our next show this saturday at CafĂ© No Man’s Land in Volmerange-les-mines!

Eat your Feet & Sziget

Eat Your Feet 03.05.2014

We are very happy to announce that we gonna play at this year’s edition of Eat Your Feet in Dudelange besides great bands like Retrace My Fragments, Everwaiting Serenade, Arkaeon and Mean To You. All metal bands will play at Pub Daddy.

At now look at that flyer! Wow! It’s so great! We love it! Click on the flyer to get to the official Facebook event!


Really guys… look at that flyer! Every flyer should be like this one. This is so awesome! This is like having Phil or Chris… as a flyer! Incredible.


Vote for us!

Now for something else. Probably you’ve all heard of the great and amazing Sziget Festival.

Well, we could have a tiny chance to play at Sziget Festival. You can help us make that chance bigger. It would be a dream come true for our very own hippie Phil. So all our hope lies in your hands.
Follow this link and help us play Sziget! You have to register and then click on “POUR” on our profile.

Thank you.


Next show: Heaven’s Scum “It all ends in pain” release

Yes, you got that right, it will all end in pain, once and for all.

Seriously guys, we strongly recommend you to come to Soul Kitchen on 19th April as our ĂŒber-buddies are planning a killer show!

Here’s the link to the facebook event. You don’t want to miss out on this one!

More dates can be found in our live section. There’s pretty much to come 😉